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The Têt Valley

A complex terroir

At the foot of the lower hillsides along the Agly valley is the Rivesaltes plain, an extensive, alluvium-based basin.

The soils are mostly formed of clay, silt and sand combined with a layer of stones, mainly pebbles.

The stone-scattered lower and middle terraces add complexity to the area.In the heart of Roussillon, halfway between Perpignan, the Mediterranean Sea and Spain are the vineyards of Aspres.

The eventful geological history of the area has produced a very mixed range of soils. Their composition stems from the erosion of the surrounding mountains, the Albères and the Canigou, but also from the pebbles and gravel carried down by water, layered over yellow and red clay sediment with varying degrees of erosion depending on the landform.


High-altitude vineyards

On this assortment of soil types, a selection of quality vineyards produce the AOP Côtes du Roussillon les Aspres.

Lastly, at the far end of the valley halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the high mountain plateaux of the Cerdagne and the Capcir are our high-altitude vineyards planted on hillsides of granite sand and quartz and offering outstanding vistas.

The elevation of the vineyards imbues the wines with wonderful freshness.