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The Côte Vermeille Valley

Rugged terrain

The breathtaking landscapes along the Côte Vermeille are the perfect illustration of the constant challenges faced by our wine growers. The steep inclines and rugged terrain plunge straight down into the sea.

Strong winds and plentiful sunshine coupled with the heavily eroded grey and brown schist soils shape the unique characteristics of this wine area.

Vineyard management is done entirely by hand using ancient farming techniques. Planted on the bedrock, the vines develop an extremely deep root system in order to soak up the requisite resources.

Terraced vineyards

To combat erosion, our wine growers have planted their vines along terraces supported by dry stone walls.

Dotted along these are ‘peus de gall’ or ‘cockerels’ feet’, the name given to trenches that channel rainwater and form a unique architectural sight that can be likened to art.