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Grenache noir

Nearly 40% of red vineyards are planted to this key grape variety that is used to make mostly dry red and rosé wines and is the king of grapes for all red dessert wines. A compelling, round, lush grape, it offers up notes of red and black fruits and spices.

Carignan noir

On the poor soils of Roussillon, old vine Carignan yields superlative quality wines showing fine tannins. The wines are mostly made using whole-cluster fermentation which results in more supple tannins and very compelling fruit and spice aromas such as blackcurrant, cherry, black fruit jam and garrigue herbs.

Lladoner Pelut

A traditional Roussillon cultivar, it is not widely grown nowadays. It boasts qualities similar to those of Grenache noir and is used primarily to make dry wines.


Often a blending component, it is chosen for its tannin grain and notes of spice, black fruit and truffle.


With its broad-ranging aromatic spectrum, Syrah can produce both deliciously fragrant rosés and rich, complex, age-worthy reds. Raspberry, redcurrant, blueberry, blackberry and violet aromas are exuded in the lighter examples whilst the more heady wines develop aromas of liquorice, peppermint, truffle, violet and mocha depending on maturation choices.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Producing powerful, robust wines driven by notes of bellpepper, blackcurrant, black cherry and cedar, this grape variety is used to make PGI-labelled wines.

Cabernet Franc

With its recognisable varietal aroma of raspberry, it yields fresh, pleasant wines scented with blackcurrant, strawberry, redcurrant, violet and liquorice. Its wines are labelled as PGI.


Merlot is a grape variety that produces rounded, lush wines with aromas of black fruits such as black cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant. In Roussillon, it is used to make PGI wines.


Grenache blanc

Used to make dessert and dry wines, it produces rich, fat, lush wines with aniseed, floral and fruity notes.


When aged in an oxidative environment, it reveals the complex, hallmark aromas of dessert wines. Its roundness, freshness and delicate fruity and floral notes also make it a choice varietal for dry wine.

Muscat à Petits Grains

Accounting for over a quarter of the local white varietal range, it is the main grape variety in AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes where it fully reveals its fresh, intense aromas with notes of citrus, tropical fruits, rose and sometimes fine musk-like spices. It is also used for dry wines and produces extremely fresh offerings with crisp fruitiness.

Muscat d’Alexandrie

The ideal complement to Muscat à Petits Grains, it imparts finesse and power. Its large, firm, flavoursome berries have a particularly strong scent when harvested at peak ripeness. It offers up characteristic floral, menthol and white and yellow-fleshed fruit notes. It can be made either as a dry or dessert wine.


Imparting elegance to wines, it offers distinctive refined, fresh aromas of peach, citrus fruits and flowers.


Favoured for its outstanding aromatic qualities, it exudes delicate aromas of peony, hawthorn, apricot and honeysuckle.


A very aromatic grape variety, it adds freshness and lightness to wines and boasts archetypal citrus, pineapple, pear and sweet spice notes.


A varietal producing extremely refined wines, it reveals white flower aromas of acacia along with hazelnut, almond, brioche and citrus. In Roussillon, it is used to make PGI wines.


Used to produce PGI wines, this variety yields fine, round, lush white wines. Highly perfumed and subtle, it reveals aromas of mango, pear, peach, apricot and quince, along with fresh violet, iris and acacia, toasted hazelnut and spice.

Sauvignon blanc

A very aromatic grape variety, it produces bright PGI white wines laden with freshness and aromas driven by notes of grapefruit, passion fruit and boxwood.


Grenache gris

A versatile grape variety, Grenache gris can be made as a dessert wine, dry white or rosé. It produces powerful, round, elegant wines with aniseed and mineral notes.