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Sustainable winegrowing

Roussillon: a vineyard conducive to sustainable agriculture

In Roussillon, converting our vineyards to more sustainable and responsible ways of farming is extremely relevant.
The region is conducive to developing organic farming because it offers a combination of the best weather conditions in France – the powerful Tramontane wind, very low rainfall and intense sunshine.

Vignerons Catalans,
promoting sustainable winegrowing

We care for our environment and our intention is to support our winegrowers as they transition to more responsible and sensible farming methods so that we can respect our land, protect the life in our soils and the biodiversity that surrounds us.

We feel strongly about showcasing the quality of our expertise. With our sights clearly set on the future, our goal is to protect life in the soils, safeguard animal and plant diversity and perpetuate the work of our winegrowers so that our natural ecosystem and biodiversity can be preserved.
Growing wines in a more reasoned, responsible way and aiming for High Environmental Value certification is about showing respect for our land, but also ensuring sustainable and responsible management of our water resources.

Our ethical vision stemming from our collective determination is helping us support and develop a more committed style of farming that does justice to our precious natural resources and the unwave- ring commitment of our winegrowers.

Our winegrowers are naturally pivoting to environmentally-friendly schemes through programmes like High Environmental Value (HVE) and organic winegrowing. So, our sun-ripened wines stem from a collaborative approach to winemaking that shows respect for Mankind and for our precious nature.

Breathing life into Roussillon’s soul is our unwavering pledge…