Nous vous informons que dans la situation exceptionnelle que nous vivons et le respect des consignes du gouvernement, notre site e boutique est fermé.
Prenez bien soin de vous et de vos proches. A bientôt, L'équipe Vignerons Catalans

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Our expertise

Producers by nature

Our primary role is as producers and we offer advice to our wine growers and guidance for product choice as well as playing a pivotal role in producing, blending and maturing our wines.

Our industrial organisation and manageable structure allow us to control every stage of our business, from production to marketing, including packaging and preparation.

Our sales and marketing teams keep us up to speed with market requirements and we are constantly monitoring consumer trends in order to provide our national and international clients with innovative solutions.

Expertise & concepts

Our brands promote our extensive variety of terroirs whilst the expertise of our wine growers enables us to craft a broad-ranging selection of wines.

By combining brands and terroirs, we can create concepts that align perfectly with the demands of our clients and the marketplace.